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Remote Training

A more obedient dog is in your future.

If your dog is driving you to madness with undesirable behaviour like digging, chewing, hurdling fences – and who can forget, not responding when called - our remote trainers could represent the ideal solution.

Making use of our remote training systems, you can discipline your dog from a distance while it's off-leash. With a handheld transmitter at your disposal, you can send out a static corrective measure - a static correction - via your pooch's collar when an undesired behaviour presents itself.

Remote training places the answer to unpleasant behaviours in the palm of your hand. Sooner than you might think, the annoying habits will be a thing of the past.

Imagine your furry friend obeying your wishes as if on a leash. The result is heaps more freedom and enjoyment for you both.

There are situations where any system using electronic collars that deliver static stimulation should not be used: In dogs under 6 months of age. (Not for dogs less than 3.6 kg for the little dog trainers, and dog less than 18 kg for the big dog trainers.) Pregnant or nursing bitches. Dogs with health problems especially heart disease. Dogs that is unable to respond appropriately due to injury, illness, age or senility. Where dogs have aggressive tendencies. Dogs suffering from separation anxiety and similar anxiety related disorders. Remember to always start training at the lowest intensity level.