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An invisible fence? No, it’s not magic. It is the combination of modern technology and the best interest of your fur child! Pets love having the freedom to explore, but letting them do so alone is not always in their best interest. Thanks to modern innovations in containment systems, pet owners now have the reassurance that their pets remain safe within the boundaries of their homes.

invisible fence?

As a pet owner, deciding how much freedom to give your cat or dog is an important consideration. Allowing them to access the outdoors independently will enrich their lives, but we cannot ignore their safety in the process. Luckily, with these fences, pet owners can still let them enjoy their time outside without risking their well-being.

An invisible fence for dogs and cats uses wires buried in the ground to create a perimeter around your desired space. A transmitter is connected to this wiring and travels throughout it to emit a radio signal. Your furry friend is equipped with a receiver collar to detect this signal. When approaching the perimeter, the collar will emit a vibrational or electrical stimulation which can be used for training. It can also be equipped with flags to assist in marking the area during training.

The Pros:
  • It is affordable and cost-effective in the long run.
  • It is incredibly easy to install.
  • It can be adapted to fit any yard shape or size.
  • It keeps your pet within a predetermined area.
  • It does not have any visible boundaries.
  • It gives you peace of mind!
invisible fence for dogs

Traditional Fences

While seeking traditional fencing solutions to ensure your pet’s safety works for some, it may not work for everyone! Having a fence professionally installed is not only time-consuming but often expensive. Doing so also interferes with your view. For pet owners with true escape artists, it may not even work. That is what makes invisible fences so popular for dogs (and cats)!
Unlike traditional fencing, pet fences are designed and installed with your pet’s safety in mind. They do not require digging into the ground or burying posts, meaning they can be installed more quickly and easily. Moreover, they are tailored specifically to your pet’s needs and provide adjustable levels of protection so you can keep them safe without restricting their movement too much. Pet fences also tend to come with extra features, such as alarms or sensors that alert you if your pet has exceeded the fence’s limits.




Wireless pet fences can be installed within 2 hours, do not require digging or burying and are the perfect solution for travelling pet owners! These fences are set up in a circular boundary and, with the correct training, will have your dog acclimatised to your desired boundary wherever you may be.
In-ground pet fences can be customised to fit the boundary of your home. These fences are more affordable and practical for pet safety than traditional fencing and will not impact the aesthetic of your yard or view! In-ground fences can accompany existing traditional fences or customised to fit a partial perimeter and even block out certain areas of your yard.
Your Pet
While these fences offer endless benefits, there are three steps to ensure they fulfil their purpose. Pet owners will need to set up the fence, ensure their fur child is wearing the accompanying collar, and conduct the necessary training. These fences require training to help your pet understand why the collar emits electrical or vibrational stimulations. This can take about two weeks of short training sessions before your pet is invisible fence ready, which includes introducing your pet to their new boundary, beginning static correction training, testing distractions and allowing supervised play.
invisible fence ready?
If you have fallen in love with the ease of pet fences, are not permitted to install a traditional fence or are looking for a budget-friendly way to keep your fur children safe, then you have come to the right place. Our invisible fence range includes options from leading brands to ensure the absolute best for your pet.
Frequently Asked Questions
Do invisible fences really work?

Invisible fences are effective in keeping your dog within the boundaries of your yard, but they do not physically prevent other animals or people from entering.

Are invisible fences worth it?

The value of an invisible fence depends on your and your pet’s needs. These fences can be adaptable for sloped or irregular terrain, and they do not require a permit for setup, making them an affordable and feasible solution over traditional options.

Can you install an invisible fence by yourself?

Yes, you can install an invisible fence by yourself. Installation does not require much time or effort to be done correctly. However, time is required to train your dog to understand the boundaries set by the fence.