Water Fountain
cat water fountain

Keep Things Fresh!

Cat owners often worry about their furry friends not drinking enough water, especially if they are picky or reluctant drinkers. In such cases, a cat water fountain could be a valuable investment as it encourages healthier hydration habits by keeping water fresh and debris-free. It also helps decrease the workload of frequently refilling water bowls.

Clean and Refill

Our cat water fountains are easy to clean and refill, making it easy for you to keep your cat’s water fresh and clean. The easy-to-clean design ensures that you can quickly and easily keep your fountain clean and free from bacteria, while the easy-to-refill design makes it simple to keep the water bowl full and fresh.

Water Fountains?

Cats are picky about the quality and temperature of their water and might prefer to drink running or flowing water over still water. Dehydration can lead to serious health problems, like urinary tract infections and kidney disease. Providing an adequate water source can prevent these issues. A water fountain will help encourage your cat to drink more water by providing a constant flow, which can mimic flowing water and make it more appealing to cats. Water fountains also have the benefit of keeping the water fresh, cool, and oxygenated, which is great for picky cats.
If your cat is a picky drinker, then a water fountain may be your ideal solution. Our range of fountains allows you to control the quality and temperature of the water, so you can be sure that your cat will be getting the best water possible. We stock fountains designed to continuously circulate the water, which helps to keep it free from bacteria and other contaminants.

Cat Water Fountain

An essential factor to consider before buying is the size and capacity of the water fountain. If you have multiple cats or large cats, you will require a water fountain that can hold a substantial volume of water to avoid frequently refilling the water fountain’s tank. Finding the ideal spot to place the fountain is also essential for its use. While it should be in a place that is easily accessible for your cat, you’ll also want to make sure it doesn’t take up too much space. Consider the space available for a cat water fountain and look for one that is not too big but still comfortable enough for your pet to access.
Water fountains with filtration help keep the water clean and fresh. A good filter will remove impurities and debris and prevent bacterial growth. Replacement filters are an added expense, so make sure you are prepared to replace these.
We stock a range of pet fountains that are easy to clean to make it easy for cat owners to ensure consistent fresh water and prevent bacteria build-up. Some of the cat water fountains we stock are also dishwasher-safe – no more difficult-to-reach areas to make cleaning a hassle!
Electric models tend to be louder than manual ones, so be mindful of the white noise you are comfortable with. If your cat is easily spooked or prefers quiet, it may be worth investing in a silent model. Alternatively, if your cat isn’t too bothered by loud noises, consider a fountain with a water feature that adds a gentle trickling sound.
Their New Fountain
Start by placing the fountain in a quiet and easily accessible spot. Many pets may be hesitant of new objects in their surroundings, so let them explore the fountain at their own pace. It’s important to keep the fountain filled with fresh water and to show your pet how to use it by lightly placing their paws in the water. Monitoring their behaviour around introducing a new fountain should help ensure the transition runs as smoothly as possible. With patience and positive reinforcement, your furry friend will be sipping from their new fountain in no time.
Having a cat water fountain means there will always be clean filtered water available for your cats to drink, it guarantees that your feline can enjoy being refreshed and healthy!