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Unleash Your Feline’s Playful Side

We are purveyors of the best cat toys around! Whether your kitty needs feline-approved fun, or you just want something special for your furry companion, we have exactly what you need. Our selection of cat toys not only provides hours of entertainment but is made with quality materials that last and will stand the test of time (and those sharp claws!) We’ve done our research and have stocked products specifically designed to stimulate their physical, mental and behavioural well-being. From wands to interactive wobblers and beyond – keep your cats happy and engaged with the perfect toy from Sam and Molly.

Toy Supplier

We understand that pets are like family, and we treat each of our customers with the same care and attention that we would our furry companions. Whether you have a curious kitten, or a mildly grumpy cat, Sam and Molly is here to cater to their needs! We stock toys made from high-quality materials to withstand even the most enthusiastic players. Trust us, your furry little friend will thank you for investing in the best of the best!

Cats Play?

Cats are mysterious, curious creatures. Depending on their temperament, they vary from having endless energy for play time to being rather lazy and disinterested in the sponge ball you are tossing their way. But why do cats play?
Inherently, the science says it’s because their toys remind them of prey. They move, sound and often smell similar – and with our popular feather cat toys, who are we to disagree (sorry, birds)? Though, play involves more than just this. It involves being social! While the common misconception is that cats are inherently introverted, they are actually quite social. Kittens, for example, learn by playing with cats, toys, and even their humans. Playtime is also essential to help our cats thrive, no matter their phase of life.

Inner Tiger

Have you ever seen your furry friend go wild over a feather toy? It’s common knowledge that cats have an instinctual love for hunting any kind of prey, even if it’s just a feather on a stick. That’s why we recommend getting a realistic feather toy that makes your cat feel like a fierce feline predator. Not only is it a great way to keep your cat active and entertained, but it’s also a bonding experience for the both of you.
Keep your cat entertained and stimulated with an interactive feeder ball! These toys challenge your pet’s mind and keep them engaged, preventing boredom and destructive behaviour. The mental exercise they provide keeps their mind sharp (and motivated with the treat-dispensing hidden compartments).
Indoor Cats Entertained
Indoor cats are becoming increasingly popular as more and more people decide to keep their feline companions away from potential dangers associated with the outdoors. While indoor cats have their advantages, it’s important to ensure they get enough stimulation and playtime to remain happy and healthy at home.
Here are tips for keeping your indoor cat safe, active, and content:
Provide Enriching Activities
Cats need to stay mentally stimulated in order to avoid boredom. This can be done by providing a variety of toys that engage their natural predatory instincts or introducing puzzle feeders where they must “hunt” for food. You could also create an indoor play area with different perches and scratching posts.
Make Time For Bonding
A big part of keeping an indoor cat healthy is making time to bond and interact together. Make sure to give them plenty of attention daily – such as gentle petting, brushing, or playing with a toy – which will help strengthen the bond between you both.
Ensure Safety Measures Are Taken
As most homes contain numerous potential hazards for cats – such as plug sockets or exposed wires – it’s necessary to take precautions when allowing your cat free rein around the house. Make sure all cords are properly insulated and keep potentially poisonous plants out of reach (or replace them with fake versions). Additionally, try switching all cleaning products out for non-toxic alternatives to keep your pet safe at home.
Purr-fect Cat Toys!
Providing your pet with various toys is important for keeping them both physically and mentally stimulated. By offering different types of cat toys, you encourage them to use their minds and bodies to figure out how the toys work, which can help improve critical thinking, focus, and alertness. Additionally, accessing a range of exciting new toys prevents boredom from setting in by turning everyday activities into an enriching experience. Not only does this have positive psychological effects for your pet, but it can also strengthen the bond between you both as you’ll get to spend quality time together playing with each toy.