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We are all familiar with the common cat stereotype of “they don’t need you.” There’s no denying that most cats are incredibly independent – it’s this inherent nature to get outside and explore – that’s what gives them a somewhat bad reputation amongst non-cat parents… True cat parents know that independence does not equal a lack of need, but we still consider how to give our meowing delights the ability to enjoy the outdoors in a safe manner.

While most of us let our cats in and out as they need or ask, allowing them to feel more in control with a cat flap that lets them come and go as they please (with boundaries, of course), will ensure your feline friend feels happier and is more relaxed! A cat flap is a small opening installed into a door for cats to come and go without the entire door having to be open.

Cat Flap Important?

They Provide
More Freedom
Cats like to change their mind. One moment, they will be scratching at a door to be let into your room. The next, after they’ve waltzed their way inside, they will be glaring at the door to reopen so they can escape! For most cats, these flaps are useful as they allow them to easily exit and enter the home without relying on their human to assist.
They Promote Exercise And Stimulation
Installing a cat flap encourages outside time, which increases the frequency of your cat’s exercise! Cats need to exercise to maintain their physical and mental health. Exercise helps cats stay active and alert, improving their overall quality of life and keeping them happy and spritely as they age. Additionally, regular exercise can help cats develop better coordination, balance and strengthen their muscles and bones.
They Keep Your
Cat Safe
The easy come-and-go that flaps offer allows your pet to know that they can also run home to safety, should they need it. Depending on the flap purchased, you can also programme the door to open and lock between certain times, which can help keep cats safe indoors at night or out of bad weather.

Right Flap

Cat doors are, unfortunately, not a one-size fits all. While some cats sport a sleek and slender look, others can be quite chunky, which means you will have to give thought to which end of the spectrum your pet falls into. Luckily, the math is fairly simple for this. If you have a medium-sized cat, a standard flap will do the trick. Similarly, if your pet is slightly larger, you will have to opt for a wider opening. It is also important to remember any future growth your cat may still have.
Installing a cat door can be an exciting project for both owners and pets alike! To ensure a smooth transition that minimises stress for you and your pet, there are important steps to remember during installation. Ensure the flap’s location is within easy reach for them, so they don’t have any difficulties using it. It is also important to adjust gradually to the presence of the cat flap by first leaving it open with no barriers.
Sam & Molly stocks a range of cat doors to help suit your needs, including those with two and four-way locking systems. We also offer high-quality microchip pet doors and flaps that use collar keys to ensure your pets are the only ones entering and exiting.

Cat Flap Important?

Have you ever wondered why your cat seems to ignore the flap on the door you installed specifically for them? Understanding your feline friend’s needs is the key for ensuring they use the flap optimally! We know cats investigate any new item that enters their space because they are naturally inquisitive. Most cats get the hang of using a flap fairly easily, but others may need a bit of assistance before they are used to it.
To sate their curiosity, make sure you introduce your cat to their new door by gently opening and closing it. Include positive associations with the use of treats and avoid abruptly dropping the flap and scaring them off. Keep the flap open for the first few days until your cat is used to going through the hole. It can also make this new, strange thing more exciting!
Quick tips to help encourage cats to use their new flap:
  • Keep the flap open with tape, a peg, or something similar.
  • Stand-by and offer your feline encouragement.
  • Leave treats on opposite ends of the flap to encourage them back inside or outside.
  • Reward them when they use the flap.
  • Do not rush your cat to use the flap if they are not yet comfortable.
Feel More in Control With Our Cat Flaps

Let your cat experience the great outdoors safely with our cat flaps. We stock a range of cat doors designed
to provide maximum protection from the elements while giving your cats the freedom to explore. Providing access to the outdoors can help
add enrichment, exercise, mental stimulation and healthy boundaries – all of which are important aspects of a cat’s well-being.
We understand that all cats are different, and thus we offer various options for your cat flap. From manual to electronic, we have it all
so you can find the perfect option for your furry friend.