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Bark Control

Your pet can learn the value of silence.

Has it been ages since you had a good night’s sleep? Or perhaps a serene afternoon or a neighbour who didn't want to murder you? It's most likely time to consider a bark control collar.

Dogs bark. It's the way of the world. It happens when they're excited or alarmed. There are those that bark when they're bored, and the 'special' dogs who bark for no reason at all. In these situations, you may want to convince your furry friend that barking is only allowed in specific situations.

The bark control collars we offer are wonders of miniaturized innovation. They sense the origin of a bark and automatically let your dog know that silence is required. These amazing collars can reduce the stress associated with excessive barking that can easily taint your relationship with your beloved furry pal. These collars are designed to control nuisance barking and will not stop a dog from barking altogether.

Locate the most suitable product for you in our VIBRATION, ULTRASONIC, SPRAY & STATIC range.

As these devices are designed to control nuisance barking, it is important to read and adhere to the manual provided. As each dog and situation is different we can only guarantee that the product will work and function as it is designed to. It is however impossible to guarantee that each product will work for each situation.