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PetSafe® Stubborn Dog In-Ground Fence™ System

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Stubbornness thankfully does not have to equate to a lack of safety for your dog. To help manage your strong-willed pal, this in-ground perimeter fence is great for keeping your cheeky pal under control and comes equipped with 5 adjustable levels of discipline, including a vibration setting with accompanying tone. The adjustable collar is engineered specifically for hard-to-train canines of whatever size. Fear not – peace of mind is at hand!


• Designed for stubborn and hard-to-train pets - highest intensity level available

• 4 adjustable static correction levels + tone with vibration only mode for training

• Warning tone with pet-pager vibration is ideal for training hearing-impaired dogs

• Includes 150m of wire and 50 boundary flags (covers up to 1/3 of an acre)

• Transmitter covers up to 10 acres (additional wire and flag kits required)

• Water resistant receiver with low-battery indicator

• Works with multiple pets (additional receiver collars required)

- Suitable for for dogs older than 6 months over 18kg

Not Submersible

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