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PetSafe® Slimcat™ Feeder Ball

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The PetSafe® SlimCat™ is a fun, interactive toy that combines playtime with mealtime to help to control your cat's weight. You can choose to put either treats or dry food in the SlimCat™. The openings are adjustable so you can tailor how challenging you want it to be for your cat. This ball distributes an adjustable amount of dry food as your cat plays with it. By providing smaller portions of food throughout the day, it helps to maintain optimum weight as well as to improve your cat’s digestion. Trust PetSafe® to help keep your pet healthy, safe and happy.

Enrichment - Watch your cat's natural instincts come alive as she chases the SlimCat™ across the floor
Exercise - Combines mealtime with exercise to improve weight loss and fight obesity
Personalisation - Convenient adjustable openings work for many kibble sizes and allow you to control how quickly your cat gets her food
Improve Digestion - Great for eager eaters; SlimCat™ distributes meals into several smaller portions so dinner is easier on your cat's stomach

Versatility - Can be used for fun with treats or as a daily feeder

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