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Product Details

• Works with your cat's existing microchip

• Compatible with 9, 10(except those strating with 000...;010... and 020...) and 15 digit microchips

• No collar or tag to get lost or snagged

• Battery powered

• Elegant modern design

• Colours available in White & Brown.

For normal wooden door installations, with no metal in the wooden door.

• Can be used in a standard wooden door with no metal in the door

Flap Dimensions

142mm (W) x 120mm (H)

This dimension is the smallest area of the cat flap that your cat will have to enter.

Hole Dimensions

165mm (W) x 171mm (H)

The Installation Template can be used to cut the hole required to fit your SureFlap.

Tunnel's Interior Dimensions

150mm (W) x 155mm (H)

Tunnel's Exterior Dimensions

159mm (W) x 164mm (H)

Tunnel Thickness


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