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PetSafe® 300-meter Lite Remote Trainer

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Whether your pet pooch is a sensitive, shy introvert or a self-assured little dog who needs to learn some social graces around the house or in the back garden, the PetSafe® 300 Yard Lite Remote Trainer can help you to gently correct their behaviour with the push of a button. The trainer’s digital remote and collar allow pet parents to train their shy tail-waggers off-lead and help stop them lunging, digging and chewing, as well as preventing other unwanted canine conduct. Safely improve your dog’s behaviours within a 300-meter range using tone (beep), vibration or 1–15 adjustable levels of static stimulation. There’s a safety lock feature for higher levels. The waterproof remote and collar quickly charge within two hours using a USB cable (included) and have a battery life of up to 40 hours. The lightweight digital remote is easy to read and features two separate buttons for tone, vibration and static stimulation. The waterproof training collar fits dogs 3.6 kilograms and up, with neck sizes of 15.2–58.4 centimetres. Your pet deserves the best. Trust PetSafe® to help keep your pet healthy, safe and happy.

Training small or timid dogs – Improve your shy dog’s behaviours with the press of a button using a digital remote and lightweight collar

Back-garden trainer – Works within a 275-metre range, it’s great for the home and back garden and you can train two dogs to behave using one remote with an extra collar (sold separately)
3 training options – Uses 3 different types of stimulation: tone (beep), vibration and 1–15 levels of static stimulation, including a safety lock feature for higher levels
Train 2 dogs – Easily train both your dogs with an Add-A-Dog® collar (additional collars sold separately)
Quick charge – The trainer charges within two hours, includes a quick-charging adaptor and has a battery life of up to 40 hours.
Waterproof, lightweight collar – The adjustable training collar is made of premium coated nylon that fits dogs 3.6 kilograms and up with neck sizes of 15.2-58.4 centimetres
Safe, Effective, Trusted - Our static collars are part of our ongoing mission to provide the best tools, education and support for pet parents seeking safe, successful, expert-recommended options to meet each dog’s unique training needs
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