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PetSafe® Manual-Locking Cat Flap (White)

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The PetSafe® Manual-Locking Cat Flap is an easy and economical way to give your cat access while keeping you in control. With the adjustable 4-way lock, you can choose when and how your cat uses the cat flap. Setting the pet door to fully locked or out only prevents neighboring pets, strays or unwanted wildlife from entering your home. Able to endure the most energetic of pets, the impact resistant plastic design is sturdy, resilient and long-lasting. Dual magnets keep the flap in place and a draught excluder around the flap helps increase insulation for greater energy efficiency. The PetSafe® Manual-Locking Cat Flap can be installed in most types of doors or walls, including wood, PVC, brick, metal and glass, and will fit existing cut outs of Staywell® and PetSafe® cat flaps. Tunnel Extensions can be purchased for installations into thicker doors or walls and an Installation Adaptor is available for glass installation. The PetSafe® Manual-Locking Cat Flap is available in brown or white for a sleek-looking finish.

Pet door sizes:

• Overall size: 219 mm x 219 mm

• Cut out size: 175 mm x 168 mm

• Glass cut out: 215 mm diameter circle

• Maximum pet shoulder width: 150 mm

• Maximum pet weight: 7 kg

• 4 locking options: in only, out only, opened, locked

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