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PetSafe® Grip 'n Tug™

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Originally designed for the PetSafe Grip 'n' Tug Dog Toy, the PetSafe Replacement Tug Dog Toy combines softness and strength to create the perfect tug toy for you and your dog! The Replacement Tug is made of a strong and flexible fleece braided with cotton rope and can be used with or without the PetSafe Grip 'n' Tug handle. The fringed ends provide different textures to help interest your dog, and the loop offers an easy place to grip as you play with your pet. The PetSafe Replacement Tugs are approximately 74.9 cm long and work for dogs of nearly any size.


Safe Tugging Experience – The PetSafe Grip ‘n’ Tug features a unique covered handle which helps protect your hand from accidental nips while playing your dog’s favourite game

Easy to Hold – The Grip ‘n’ Tug’s handle also provides you with better leverage and helps lessen hand fatigue so the game can go on much longer; length of tug is approximately 74.9 cm

Washing Machine Safe – The Grip ‘n’ Tug is made from durable fleece braided with cotton rope and is easy to clean; the tug slides from the handle for easy laundering; hand wash the handle when needed

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1 PetSafe® Grip 'n Tug™

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