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Feeders & Drinking Fountains

Your pet may miss you – but his meals are covered.

It's no surprise – meals are a highlight of your pet's day. Practically nothing makes a pet happier than being fed like clockwork. The truth is, consistent meal times are key to your furry friend's wellbeing. He/she lacks the ability to prepare a desired snack between meals.

With our automatic feeding systems, you can be confident that your pet will eat on time every time, even if you're away for whatever reason. In these situations, it's good to know that your pet's food - and even medication - will be accessible to your pet precisely when it's meant to be.

Our feeding solutions represent the perfect marriage of pet happiness and owner peace of mind and convenience. In addition to allowing you to manage your pet's feeding schedule, these solutions can also assist you in maintaining portion controls - especially useful when you're not able to do so yourself.